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The Rise of Automotive Connectors

The Rise of Automotive Connectors

Automobiles are constantly advancing in how they function and provide comfort. Before, cars didn’t have any function outside of transporting you from point A to point B. Now, we can track the best route to our destination, listen to thousands of songs with ease, and see in midnight darkness because our electronic chariots have and continue to evolve. Our world will continue to progress to our wildest dreams, which is why those involved with the automotive industry need to utilize high-quality components. If not, one should expect to be forgotten. With this in mind, Oupiin Enterprise wants to share our knowledge on one technology keeping everyone comfortable during transportation: automotive connectors.

What are Automotive Connectors?

It wasn’t too long ago where a car’s sole purpose was to only transport you to your destination—nothing else. However, the ability to drive at night, find a destination, play music, and, most importantly, turn on the vehicle are only possible because of automotive connectors. These parts are crucial in keeping the car high-tech, which is why there is an average of 274 electronic connectors within the average automobile. Were even one of these electronic connectors to malfunction or degrade, an individual would need to spend hundreds, maybe thousands, on a repair. This is why businesses should be looking for the perfect automotive connector manufacturer. But, before Oupiin can describe what to look for, you, reader, should be able to pinpoint what category/class is needed. After all, automotive connectors are diverse. 

Automotive Connector Groups

Automotive connectors connect interior and external systems for the purpose of simplifying tasks. This is why the user can flip a switch to turn on their headlights at night, provide power to the display panel, and detect malfunctioning parts needing an inspection. But, to do all of this, its pertinent to know what each connector does and the group they belong to.

  1. Group A automotive connectors are power connectors, which involve powering your motorcar, switching antennas, utitlizing switches, and controlling the volume of your radio. 
  2. Group B automotive connectors are meant to connect the car’s speakers to the inside of the vehicle, allowing a person to hear what they want.
  3. Group C automotive connectors, or wires, seamlessly intertwine supplementary devices with and into their automobile.
  4. Group D automotive connectors ensure your GPS or satellite navigation is operating at its fullest potential.

Without experience or ready-to-use guidelines, the manufacturer and/or customer wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what is going on with the car. You, personally, may not be the one doing the repairs, but it’s always great to know what is happening with your belongings. Additionally, understanding the specifications of automotive connectors will also help identify what kind of replacements will be needed.

Average Specifications for Automotive Connectors

There is a reason why manufacturers need to possess a plethora of certifications before creating electronic connectors. Thankfully, with Oupiin Enterprise having IATF 16949 certification—among others—you won’t have to deal with shoddily-made products or ineffective materials being used. Plus, you won’t have to be concerned over the specifications of our automotive connectors because they are made to industry standard and better.

For instance, our 2321-A connector are 1.27 mm big, has a phosphor bronze contact material, possesses a 1.7 A current rating per pin, and is used for various tasks in and on a car: tail-lights, front lights, fog lights, and LCD screens. This Cable Board-to-Board connector is designed for stacking and space saving applications to prevent spare room from being wasted. Planes and trains can even use this part, which lowers expenses while remaining at an exceptional quality. 

However, there is the more probable chance of companies utilizing or you running into HSD, FAKRA, and HSL electronic connectors. For instance, Oupiin Enterprise’s FAKRA connector follows DIN 72594-1 certification, too, and can come between 8 m and 10 m. As a matter of fact, Oupiin’s FAKRA mini connector can even be made at an 80 percent reduction in weight and size in comparison to other manufacturers. In turn, the FAKRA automotive connector is capable of ensuring your display board, bluetooth, radio, and HD cameras are working at their best while remaining as compact and durable as possible. Another automotive connector Oupiin Enterprise is proud of has to be the 5290 Series Automotive Shrouded Connectors, which will fulfill any needs revolving around PCB header wire-to-board connectors. It has a 2.20 m size, is male, possesses a 8 mΩ Max. initial contact resistance, won’t initiate any sparks, has a max 70 N for mating and unmating force, and 10 time durability when tested. 

Despite each of these connectors having their own specific jobs, consumers will be happy knowing the automotive connectors are safely and efficiently controlling the car’s power structure, maintaining the air conditioning system, lighting up the display board, boosting the audio-visual entertainment system, preserving energy storage needs, and guaranteeing precise perception tracking. All in all, Oupiin Enterprise’s automotive connectors are dependable and can provide near perfection to all of these automotive systems

How to Choose an Automotive Connector?

Now, you may be wondering, “how do I know what automotive connector to go with?” Don’t worry. This is why Oupiin Enterprise is here—to help. Thankfully, there isn’t a long and painful list of factors to consider. First and foremost, look at the current rating and operating voltage. These measurements are what will power the vehicle’s equipment, which is why it should be the most important feature to be examined. No one should use something barely covering the bare minimum. Manufacturers should incorporate something capable of energizing the chariot’s devices and more. Even the slightest err can cause the customer to grow irate and avoid the car company altogether.

Sure, these ratings and voltage can be higher than what is necessary, but there are specifications developers may be forced to precisely fulfill in order to guarantee the vehicle works perfectly. These stringent demands include connector size, circuit density, engagement force, wire size, and configuration. Without exact specifications, the automobile may not operate suitably. Thus, causing another situation of dissatisfaction with the vehicle and brand. Nonetheless, these factors need to be cemented in one’s mind when looking for the preferred electronic automotive connector. Comfort is key when it comes to modern-day devices and machinery, which is why people should be looking for the best. Thankfully, there are companies who can provide anyone and everyone with customized connectors

Cars Using Automotive Connectors

While every car needs automotive connectors, there are certain brands standing out among the rest. Ford, Mercedez-Benz and GM, have all partnered with a manufacturer and supplier who truly cares about their needs. Without Oupiin Enterprise’s assistance, General Motors’ break lights would be inefficient, excessively draining the battery; the Ford Mustang would be seeing a lot more rear-end collisions since the rear tail lights wouldn’t be as exceptional; and Mercedez-Benz wouldn’t be able to park as cleanly as it does. If you want to see automotive excellence, consider reaching out to Oupiin Enterprise for your automotive connector needs.

Where to Find Automotive Connectors?

Oupiin Enterprise hopes everyone is able to learn new facts while reading our article on the rise of automotive connectors. We also want to ensure all audiences can use high-quality automotive connectors. Partnering with us means having a pre-made or customized automotive connector quickly delivered to the recipient’s home or business—no matter the location. Our worldwide service will provide solutions to all kinds of challenges a person may be experiencing but at an affordable rate. 

Plus, were you to contact us now, Oupiin Enterprise can provide a physical example. These sample kits give you a taste of what our physical connectors can do, as well as allow you to inspect and experiment with them. Just click this link to get in contact with a representative who will undoubtedly help you with your needs. You can also send us an email at or give us a call at 886 (3) 3655030 were you to have any other inquiries. 

Thank you for your time, attention, and patience!