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High Power Connectors

Busbar Clip Power 180Amp

High Power BTB Connectors 45AMP to 150AMP

High Power BTB Connectors 15AMP to 40AMP

High Power Card Edge

High Power Wire Type

High Speed Connectors

High Speed BTB

High Speed Card Edge




BackPlane Connectors

Hard Metric Type A to C

Hard Metric Type D to F

Hard Metric Type L to N, Others

Futurebus(+) connector

DIN 41612 connector

I/O Connectors

USB Connector

D_Sub Connector

RJ Modular Jack & Plug

Centronic Connector

Board to Board Connectors

Fine Pitch Board To Board

Pin Header

Box Header

PCB Socket

Mini Jumper

Terminal Blocks

Pluggable Male Type PCB Mount

Fixed Type Screw Terminal PCB Mount

Fixed Type Rising Clamp PCB Mount

Pluggable Female Type

Pluggable Female Type Spring Clamp System

Fixed Type Spring Clamp PCB Mount

Barrier Strips

Cables, Wires, Connectors

High Speed Cable Assembly

Connectors, IDC Cable Assembly

Wire To Board Connectors 0.80mm to 2.54mm

Wire To Board Connectors 3.0mm to 6.35mm,Wires

FFC/FPC Connectors, Flexible Flat Cables

Jumper Cables

Integrity, Efficiency, Consistency & Innovation

Featured Product

HSER™ 30Gbps

OUPIIN's latest 0.8mm Board To Board Connectors high speed connector with Low profile of 6.25mm (0.246") up to 120 Pin Count is adapted for high frequency signal transmission systems. Support speed rates to 30Gbps @-3dB

HSMV™ 40Gbps

Oupiin wants to make sure you have all the information required to make the best decision. To accomplish this, we share new and updated details regarding our connectors. Our High-Speed Board-to-Board Connector, series 2337, is one of our more unique options we want all of our readers to know about. This High-Speed BTB connector can assist you in various situations, which is why you should request more knowledge about it.

HVDCP® 20Amp

High-Voltage Direct Current Power(HVDCP®)

High Flow Power HFP® 45Amp

Oupiin provides you with high flow power HFP® connectors which offers a current rating up to 45AMP per contact, and with signal combination as below to increase flexibility in design and versatility in use for customers’ design.2X2 Power + Left 6 Signal 2X2 Power + Right 6 Signal2X2 Power + Bottom 16 Signal* Ventilated housing gives maximum air flow for effective heat dissipation.* Single post 50N with maximum total of 500N (including terminal) create strong vibration resistance.* High flow power with Right 6pin or Left 6pin or Bottom 16pin signal combination to increase flexibility in design and versatility in use for customers’ design.* 0.5m Ω Low contact resistance to minimize heat.* Single blade with multiple points of contact for stable and secure mating.* 4mm space meets safety requirement.* Off center guide for accurate blind mate.

1.27mm 23Gbps

Board to Board Connector with 10 Rows and 300 pinsPin Spacing: 1.27mmStack Height: 7mmOrientation: Vertical Press Fit ArrayCompliant: PAM4


In today's high-tech market, those who innovate are the ones who will thrive. Here at Oupiin, we constantly strive to improve upon our product line and are committed to keeping in touch with our clients. As a result, we have the distinction of being known as a world leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of high quality, high volume connectors throughout the world.

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