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Busbar Clip Power 200Amp

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High Speed Cable Assembly

Connectors, IDC Cable Assembly

Wire To Board Connectors 0.80mm to 2.54mm

Wire To Board Connectors 3.0mm to 6.35mm,Wires

FFC/FPC Connectors, Flexible Flat Cables

Board to Board

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Diverse List of Board to Board Connectors

Board-to-Board connectors are electronic components designed to establish a reliable electrical and mechanical connection between two printed circuit boards (PCBs). These connectors play a crucial role in various electronic devices and systems, facilitating the seamless transmission of signals, power, and data between PCBs.
Board-to-Board connectors come in different types, including pin headers, socket connectors, mezzanine connectors, and backplane connectors. They are available in various configurations, such as surface mount or through-hole, and with different contact arrangements, including single-row, dual-row, and multiple-row options.
These connectors are characterized by their compact size, high density, and robust construction, making them suitable for applications with limited space and demanding environments. They offer reliable mating and unmating capabilities, ensuring a secure and stable connection even in challenging conditions, such as high vibrations or temperature variations.
Board-to-Board connectors support the seamless integration and interconnection of multiple PCBs within a larger electronic system. They enable the transfer of signals and power across boards, allowing for modular designs and easier maintenance and upgrades. These connectors also facilitate the exchange of data and information between different functional modules, enhancing the overall performance and functionality of electronic devices.
In summary, Board-to-Board connectors are essential components in modern electronics, enabling the reliable interconnection between PCBs. With their compact design, high reliability, and versatile configurations, these connectors contribute to the seamless operation and efficient integration of electronic systems across a wide range of industries.