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Backplane Connector Index

A Backplane connector is a type of electrical connector used to connect and interconnect printed circuit boards (PCBs) within a computer or electronic system. It serves as a central hub or backbone for transmitting power, data, and signals between multiple PCBs in a system.
The Backplane connector is designed to provide a reliable and high-speed interface between the main system board, also known as the backplane, and various peripheral boards or modules. It typically consists of multiple rows of pins or sockets, arranged in a linear or stacked configuration, corresponding to the number of PCBs it can accommodate.
One of the key features of a Backplane connector is its high-density layout, allowing for a large number of signal paths within a compact form factor. This enables efficient communication and data transfer between the interconnected boards, facilitating the overall functionality and performance of the system.
Backplane connectors often incorporate advanced features such as shielding, grounding, and locking mechanisms to ensure secure and stable connections. 
Overall, Backplane connectors play a crucial role in enabling the expansion and scalability of electronic systems by providing a standardized and efficient means of interconnecting multiple PCBs, thereby enhancing the system's modularity, flexibility, and overall functionality.