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Waterproof USB Connectors

Where to Find Waterproof USB Connectors?

Technology is advancing so fast it can be hard to keep up with everything happening. For instance, while most machines and parts aren't waterproof, this is starting to change. Before, people would cry because their iPhone fell in the pool or toilet. They would try to dry it off and use the old-school technique of enveloping it in rice. It worked most of the time but was never the same after.

Thankfully, some manufacturers have created waterproof electronic connectors, specifically waterproof USB connectors. These forever dry components will avoid the anger you might feel because you were surprised by a bombardment of water balloons. Now, you can rest easy knowing your charger cable will still work as well as it did when you first obtained it. However, the type of USB connector used does matter. For instance, Oupiin offers a few waterproof USB connectors capable of overpowering the market's other options.

Types of Waterproof USB Connectors

Without continuous improvements and upgrades to our technology, we would be stuck with outdated modes of machinery. If we had stayed with dial-up, most jobs wouldn't be possible. If we believed the telegram was the most advanced form of communication, we wouldn't have the smartphone. Not updating the way we drive would result in horses still pulling carriages around. We need this continuous progress to ensure we live our best lives. 

This is why Oupiin Enterprise is offering a new kind of USB connector. You shouldn't have to worry about moisture infecting your components anymore. Waterproof USB connectors prevent the suffering moisture causes. Your designs will be at their best and will be able to survive vastly more hazardous situations. Here are four of our available waterproof USB connectors.

Series 8975WP-C Waterproof USB-C 3.1 Connector Facts

USB-C connectors are the newest version being used and with the European Union's stance on it becoming the standard for a variety of devices, it's easy to see why it needs to be perfected. While it's mostly at its peak right now, a few attributes need to be improved. For one, these kinds of USB connectors and USB cables have to become waterproof to ensure they can be used in any situation. Rain is a weather hazard facing almost every nation in the world, which is why we should prepare our technology to handle them with ease. Most of the machines using USB parts are already water-resistant, so why shouldn't the technology charging it be, too?

Oupiin's series 8975WP-C USB connectors are genuinely waterproof and are more robust when compared to other electronic connector manufacturers' options. The key to this waterproofing feature is having the internal components tightly sealed, usually through the utilization of molding or dispensing methods. These external parts are wrapped in a red or black rubber ring. Because of these parts, your consumers will be able to charge their portable devices, smartphones, laptops, tablets, security cameras, and many more devices with ease when sunbathing in their pool or kayaking with friends and family overseas. Don’t create something only to be found in gas stations; manufacture something people will use frequently and share with their loved ones. Our waterproof USB connectors come in two variations; series 8975WP-C24CXXRDB2PT and series 8975WP-C24C00RDB13NT. 

The series 8975WP-C24CXXRDB2PT is not only waterproof but also has a current rating of 5.0AMP for VBUS and GND. You'll be able to transfer any data within seconds and charge your phone faster than the average USB 3.1 cable. This is only possible because of the copper alloy and gold-plated contacts. You won’t see any malfunctions either since it has a contact resistance of 40mΩ max and a 100mΩ max insulation resistance. Insulated in high-temperature plastics will also prevent external threats from leaking into the core. However, we understand the need to see everything for yourself, which is why we recommend downloading this file for yourself. 

While you may think the series 8975WP-C24CXXRDB2PT waterproof USB connector is identical to the series 8975WP-C24C00RDB13NT electronic connector, they are quite different. Oupiin is proud of the fact we offer diverse components to use, which is why these two options have unique specifications. The waterproof USB connector labeled as the series 8975WP-C24C00RDB13NT actually has a current rating of 3 AMP. But, it has a similar dielectric withstanding voltage of AC 100V and contact resistance and insulation resistance as the previous one; 40mΩ max and 100mΩ max, respectively. It is also housed in black PA9T and UL94V-0, as well as shelled in stainless steel and tin-plated. If you want to download these specifications for your needs, please follow this link. 

Series 8975WP-C Waterproof USB-C 2.0 Connector Information

While USB 2.0 connectors are a bit older, they are still usable. They transfer data between computers and all kinds of smartphones, printers, flash drives, mice, and keyboards. You can also see them being used to charge devices faster than its 1.0 or 1.1 predecessors. Being a “hot-swappable” part will even allow you to take out data from the plugged-in device and send it to your computer without turning the storage unit on. You will be able to transfer everything and unplug it without any additional steps. However, it's unlikely you will find a USB 2.0 cable longer than 16 feet since corruption is more likely when oversized. These USB 2.0 connectors will also be insulated like Series 8975WP-C; with tightly sealed housing and terminals from an insert molding (square pin) or dispensing methods (round pin). You will be able to notice this durability because of the red or black ring circling the external components. Despite all of this, Oupiin's USB 2.0 connectors can be simplified but need to be supported in these fashions:

The contacts necessary to support USB PD and USB 2.0 are required in the plug.

The internal EMC springs can be formed from the same strip as the signal, power, and ground contacts.

The internal EMC springs contact the inner surface of the plug shell and will mate with the EMC pads when plugged into the receptacle.

The USB 2.0 Type-C plug may also use the EMC spring configuration if it holds USB Full-Featured Type-C Plug's definition.

Not only will you be able to obtain all of these features while using Oupiin's waterproof USB 2.0 connectors, but you will also notice some improvements in comparison to other options. Our series 8975WP-C16C00SB1T-P is made from an LCP, UL94V-0 Black housing to ensure it can withstand all kinds of blows. Its contacts are derived from phosphor bronze gold and plated on contact, as well as have stainless steel and nickel-plated shielding plates. You'll be able to get work done efficiently and swiftly with its 3 AMP current rating and AC 100V dielectric withstanding voltage. You also won’t have to worry about temperatures overheating or freezing these parts since they can withstand climates as low as -35°C and +85°C. The red ring highlighting how it's waterproof is crafted from a silicone UL94V-0 red. But, if you want to keep these specifications handy, we recommend downloading the file from here. 

Oupiin's series 8975WP-C16G00DB5PT has many of the same features as series 8975WP-C16C00SB1T-P; same housing, same contacts, and same operating temperature. But, there are some differences between these two waterproof USB connectors. For one, the series 8975WP-C16G00DB5PT has a 5 AMP current rating, while the previous one can only muster 3 AMPs. This doesn't mean the other one is inferior; it just highlights how much stronger the series 8975WP-C16G00DB5PT is. In addition to this, is the AC 100V voltage rating and AC 100V dielectric withstanding voltage. It even possesses 100MΩ min insulation resistance and 40mΩ max contact resistance. You will not regret obtaining this electronic connector. But, if you are still looking around, we recommend downloading our drawing specification sheet to compare to the competition.

Request a Sample Kit for Waterproof USB Connectors From Oupiin Enterprise Today!

Don't let your technology die from being rained on or from unforeseen excess moisture. Use a waterproof USB connector capable of being as fast-or faster-as its water-soluble cousins. However, we understand the need to verify things before making any permanent decisions, which is why Oupiin Enterprise is as transparent as we are. Consider filling out our sample kit request form to test these waterproof electronic connectors yourself. We are happy to confirm these statements and squash your anxieties.