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How to Fix a Bent USB Cable?

How to Fix a Bent USB Cable?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is the standard for technological connections. Most utilize the same port and terminal—for the most part. There are a few variations when it comes to USB connectors but this could be changing. Many nations are enacting legislation for companies to only use the USB Type-C style. These rules are meant to prevent businesses from forcing customers into buying a new cable each time they buy a device and reduce the waste involved. 
You may even use USB Type-C cables to charge your smartphone or laptop, which means you probably also run into the problem of having it malfunction. One of the biggest reasons for this issue is because the cable is bent too rigidly and repeatedly. Frequent bending will cause the internal wiring to lose its power or completely break. Oupiin understands this frustration and wants to provide information on how to avoid this problem. 

Reasons for a Bent USB Cable

A bent USB cable can be infuriating, especially if it's the only one you own. You may be using it to charge your smartphone or need it for the product you are building, making it more of a nuisance to face. Using high-quality cables can prolong this complication from ruining your day but there is the chance you are unknowingly harming it. This is why you should avoid specific actions when using these components.
For instance, we recommend pulling your cable out of its plug-in gently. Don't just pull on the cable until it pops out because this can damage the internal wiring and the port. The port may even break off and cause the connector to be stuck inside the terminal. Instead, you should pull it out by the base—the little rectangle at the end of the cord. Careful unplugging will ensure there isn't debilitating weight being forced onto its weaker spots, which will speed up its demise . Carefully pulling it out from the right spot will also avoid violent twisting or turning. This recklessness is actually the number one cause for USB cables to malfunction; careless bending.
When these cables are warped too frequently and into less sympathetic positions, the internal wires will lose their power or flat-out snap. This dilemma can cause the covering around the wires to disappear, making the internal wiring vulnerable to external hazards. Many users recognize this predicament when the connection keeps getting “lost.” We've all dealt with this situation; the cable has to sit at a specific angle and only this angle, or it won't operate. You proceed to leave your phone alone to charge while you sleep or work and think it's going to fill with the necessary energy, but while you look away, it moves a millimeter to the left and stops providing your device the juice it needs to thrive. Meaning you have to go to work or school with a dead husk. You can't make any calls to other coworkers or clients,miss out on important messages from friends and family, and be clueless about what is happening across the world. Thankfully, there is a solution to this twisted USB cable problem.

Fixing a Bent USB Cable

Unfortunately, fixing a bent USB cable can be somewhat complicated and requires concise precision. You are going to need cutters, a replacement USB connector, wire strippers, and a solderer. First, you'll need to cut off the damaged part and half an inch behind it. To do this, you will use scissors to separate the broken part from the working side, leaving you with two sections. Once you have done this, you'll sever the area causing this malfunction. You'll then need to strip off an inch of the tape covering the wires on the working half and the separated part. You just need enough to twine together the cable you cut off and the stripped, working part. If the two wires separated from each other are usable, even after cropping the cable's broken section, you will then solder these two parts or tightly twist them back together.Soldering ensures they are connected, though, and won't untangle. Finally, cover it with electrical tape so it's not vulnerable and is relatively protected. After you've followed these steps, the cable should start working as if it is new. 
However, if the malfunctioning cable you clipped is too damaged, you'll need to find a replacement USB connector. This surrogate will merge with the end of the working cable through some soldering. You'll need to solder the replacement to the usable section of the functional cord. You'll also need to make sure the substitute you use matches the dimensions of your mangled cable or else all of this work will be for nothing. Thankfully, many places offering USB connectors have all the specifications on their specific page . If you do require alternative USB connectors, then look no further. Oupiin has all of the equipment you'll need at an affordable price. 

Request a USB Sample Kit From Oupiin Enterprise!

While it is hard to fix a bent USB cable, port, terminal, or connector, it is possible. It just might take some work on your part. Oupiin Enterprise has worked with various businesses, so we know the value of a robust USB Connector . We don't want people to deal with debilitating frustration and anger, which is why we are transparent about the parts we offer. However, if you want to physically see how our products compare to others, we recommend obtaining a sample kit. Please send us an email  to know the steps in acquiring this bundle or if you have any lingering questions needing to be answered.