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Different Electronic Connectors to Know About

Different Electronic Connectors to Know About

Electronic connectors are created and used for power, data, and audiovisual needs, which is why you need to make sure you use the best one. You don't want to incorporate a faulty part and watch your final design fall apart. Take this time to better understand the differences between the most popular electronic connectors currently being used.

Types of Electronic Connectors

Electronic connectors do what it says in the name; allow electricity to be transferred between each connected part. Without connectors being utilized, there would be no way for computers, automobiles, routers, servers, smartphones and much more, to work. Despite this, there are many styles out there and some may not work the same way as others. As a way of simplifying your life, we wanted to highlight four of the most popular connectors people use and their differences. Take some time out of your day to better appreciate what these electronic connectors do:

High Speed ​​​​​​BTB Connectors to Use

Board-to-Board (BTB) connectors are a group of connectors joining two printed circuit boards (PCB) without the need for an additional cable. The PCBs are connected in a perpendicular or parallel formation because of through-hold and surface mount technologies. However, there are two types within this branch; mezzanine connectors and edge connectors. Mezzanine options connect the PCBs in a stacking pattern while edge types mate the edges of single-sided or double-sided PCBs. To allow proper mating, you will need a male and female, though.

Oupiin Enterprise not only provides people with high-speed BTB connectors but is transparent about what they can do and the manufacturing process to make them. You should be able to make a decision without feeling pressured into a decision and providing a thorough webpage talking about the average speed of these connectors will accomplish this. Click this link to bookmark a page you can look back at when you are doing your searching. For instance, our series 2337 HSMV™ connectorsare not only exclusive to Oupiin Enterprise but also allow 40Gbps of speed. You will be able to see an improvement in how your data center, router, server, instrumentation machines and medical equipment work because of these Prominent options. The housing and signal contacts are also composed of UL94V-0 black and copper alloy, respectively.

Although, if you want something truly revolutionary then you should look into our series 2330 BTB connectors . We cut to the root of people's needs by making them Hermaphroditic and guaranteeing a speed of 20Gbps. Being able to mate with itself, you will notice an uptick in speed and applications it can be used with; 5G systems, rugged and embedded computers, PCI expresses, VPX architecture, VNX backplanes and more.We don't want you to break the bank for excellence and make all of our electronic connectors affordable but don't short the quality. We even do our best to make sure it's compatible with high-volume production processes—loading and soldering—since this demands a high degree of connector coplanarity across the entire body. Nonetheless, we have high-speed BTB connectors we know you will love to use.

Types of USB Connectors

Universal Serial Bus (USB) connectors can be found in almost every electrical device on the planet but there have been several interpretations of this kind of technology. There are USB A, USB B and USB C types of cables, as well as micro versions of each kind and the 3.0 newer generations. However, you still need to determine which interpretation to use based on the model and release date of your device. You can't use a USB type C cable for a machine requiring a micro-USB A because they each help in differing ways.

Thankfully, it's not hard to distinguish the difference between each connector. For instance, USB type A cables are meant for a “downstream” connection between computers, hubs, tablets, smart TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, and flash drives, to name a few. You can also distinguish it from others by its rectangular and flat shape. Comparably, USB type B cables are more diverse since they connect peripheral tools. These appliances are also labeled as input, output and storage devices, which is when they direct data into the computer, show off what's on the monitor and contain all of the information you have accumulated.

Although, the one USB everyone should have a full understanding of is the newest version—USB C. This version has a reversible and symmetrical design so it can be used from either end. It is also capable of carrying USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1 signals and is frequently paired with USB-A, USB-B and USB Micro-B technologies. When you use Oupiin Enterprise's USB-C connectors, you will be able to handle a 10Gbps data rate and possess a mating term lasting 10,000 cycles. Oupiin even has them available in space-saving, mid-mount SMD and hybrid types.

People with smartphones are probably aware of the micro USB styles, though. Micro USB-Bs are actually the ones people primarily use to charge their cell phones but they can also be utilized for GPS units and digital cameras. Oupiin Enterprise will even go as far as providing people with a higher-quality version than the standard out there. Using our Micro USB AB and B type connectors will ensure you have people coming back for more since your product will last for decades because of the materials used and the long mating cycle .

Pin Header Factors to Consider

Pin headers are a connector soldered to a Print Circuit Board (PCB) with male pin contacts. The female version is labeled as a socket header connector but is affixed to a PCB utilizing female socket contacts. These components are meant for electronic or instrumentation of PCBs , and function as a bridge between the two technologies. It ensures there is a strong and smooth current/signal transmission. However, there are seven specific factors you should be aware of:

Spacing, also known as the pitch, is referencing the distance between the center of one contact to the neighboring part being soldered. It can also come with one, two, three or four rows, but this normally depends on the PCBs design. It's important to note that the most common is one or two rows, though. The number of pins also depends on the final outline of the PCB but it can sometimes reach up to 40 or 50 pins per connector. Fortunately, Oupiin can provide you with customized options to ensure you get something tailored to your exact needs.

The version of the connector can also come in different orientations; straight and vertical or right-angles. The right-angle styles are actually used to connect the PCBs horizontally while straight versions intertwine them vertically. However, the material is one of the most crucial aspects of this technological part. There is an array of options to choose from but people normally go with brass for the contact, gold or nickel for the plating, and PBT or LCP as the insulator.The packaging isn't as vital but it can help maintain the integrity of the connector. This can be in the form of a box, packet, tube or reel. Finally, the production process ensures the performance of the connector will last for years but this depends on the company you work with. This is why you should have lengthy discussions with the manufacturer before partnering with them and Oupiin Enterprise is ecstatic to explain what we do with you; just reach out when you are ready.

Terminal Block Perks

The final connector we are describing is terminal blocks. Also known as a connection terminal or terminal connector, is a part securing two or more wires together. Being a modular block, it helps insulate the frame and consists of clamping down on a component and conducting strip. Once all of the wires are properly organized, a current will be able to flow between the incoming and outgoing sources. However, there are a few other factors you should be aware of when it comes to deciding the right terminal block. You don't want to apply too much power on a connector because it can malfunction or overload. Ensure you are utilizing the established current requirement of the part before making any decisions. Leakage can also appear if a voltage dielectric breakdown starts to occur.

Not all wires are the same, which is why you need to ensure you have positive wire compatibility. You don't want to pick a terminal block if the wires can't even fit inside the connector. There is also the environmental strength component needing consideration since you don't want to pick a terminal block only to realize it's not capable of working in an overly salty area or humid climate.
In addition to all of this are various styles they come in; screw, spring, and push-in clamping. In conjunction with the style of terminal blocks, you need to be aware of the version you are choosing. There are:

Thankfully, Oupiin Enterprise has a diverse range of terminal blocks you can choose from. We provide options in male and female, as well as pluggable, PCB mounted, rising clamps, fixed styles and many more. You'll be able to improve your final design in an efficient manner without any problems forming. But, we can provide you with a sample kit so you know exactly what you are receiving.

Request a Connector Sample Kit From Oupiin Enterprise!

The number of electronic connectors out there can be nauseating to think about in full, which is why Oupiin Electronics creates guides to differentiate what each one does and their importance. We regularly send out product highlights focusing on important connectors you should be aware of. If you want to stay updated on these pieces of news then we recommend signing up for our newsletter.

However, if you have an idea of ​​​​​​what you are looking for then you should consider filling out our sample kit form. This will allow you to see everything you need to know about these technological parts and physically hold them. If you are interested in taking them advantage of this program then we encourage you to click this link to order your own sample kit. We even have the capability to make you something with customized requirements so you receive something truly beneficial. See how much better your life will be with Oupiin Enterprise connectors.