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Fixed Type Screw Terminal PCB Mount

HomeTerminal BlocksFixed Type Screw Terminal PCB Mount

One of Our Fixed Type Screw Terminal PCB Mount options is the 3.50mm electronic connectors and it’s such a useful part we don’t have to make too many styles. The 8931 terminal block comes with the standard benefits you would expect and more. Not only will it provide a voltage rating at 125V but it's also between 5 to 6 mm in length. It can even withstand voltages up to 1.25KV and operate in temperatures between -40 degrees celsius and +115 degrees celsius. Just follow this link if you want to memorize the specifications for the 8931 Fixed Type Screw Terminal PCB Mounts.

You will have a wider variety of options to choose from when it comes to 5.00mm Fixed Type Screw Terminal PCB Mounts, though. You will be able to choose between straight and r/angle type terminal blocks. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing you are obtaining a strong part since they can withstand voltage up to 1.5KV. Although, if you want first-hand knowledge about these available parts then please follow each version’s hyperlink; 8931-F075100, 8931-F076100, 8931-F090126, and 8931-F196200

Fixed Type Screw Terminal PCB Mount

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