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Types of High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors

Types of High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors

Board-to-Board (BTB) Connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards (PCB) containing a conductive pattern on the surface of the base. For every terminal equipped, there will be a matching PCB intertwined. Engaging the energy to be transferred from one spot to another is how this part ensures your final design is functional. Additionally, incorporating a plastic LCP housing keeps any of the BTB connector's fragile characteristics safe. Depending on what you go with, a range of copper alloy terminals will be plated to improve the power and antitrust. However, creating exponentially faster options is something only the best connector manufacturer can accomplish.

Reasons to Use High-Speed BTB Connectors

You might be wondering when you would need to use high-speed BTB connectors over the average speed ones. Thankfully, we are here to explain a few situations requiring you to use these faster components. 
This shouldn't be the end of your search, though. You should still be evaluating a few other high-speed BTB connector factors. Firstly, you should examine how much signal loss occurs while in use. You don't want to incorporate something shown to excessively waste energy: the less thrown away, the better. After identifying the bandwidth you want to incorporate, you should start examining the s-parameters to better understand the full usability of the electronic connector. Even the slightest disruption can create significant malfunctions. Don't forget to look into the PCB termination options, too. Surface mount, press-fit or paste-in-hole are all slightly altered from one another. 
Additionally, Oupiin's high-speed BTB connectors can be used for various applications; data centers, servers, routers and switches, industrial tools, forms of instrumentation, and medical equipment. Below is information on three of our most popular high-speed BTB connectors and additional files you can download. We do our best to be as transparent as possible to ensure you are comfortable with what we are offering and can look back at these specifications at any time. 

Series 2337 HSMV™ BTB Connector

There are all kinds of BTB connectors out there, which is why it can be hard to differentiate what each option does. For instance, Oupiin's series 2337 is a strong and efficient electronic connector only we make and can be used for a litany of machines. Possessing 56Gbps levels of speed ensures there is no delay, either. Not many people think about this, but every machine has to be able to handle a certain level of vibrations or else there is a chance of connector misalignment. Oupiin's electronic connectors are highly durable and prepared for even the most rigorous situations since they are made from LCP, UL94V-O, black housing materials. Don't worry about the temperature causing challenges for your product, either, because these components can also operate between -55°C to 125°C. For more information, read through this page where you can download our datasheets and drawings.

Series 2386 HSER™ BTB Connecto

Similar to the series 2337 HSMV BTB connector, the series 2386 part can handle operating temperatures ranging between -55°C to +125°C. It even has the capability of working with all of the previously mentioned applications, as well as power supplies, storage and workstations. Being able to push out 30Gbps and possessing a rating voltage of 900 AC will help you visualize the efficiency of this connector. Having a low profile allows it to be maneuvered in tight spaces and is also flexible enough not to be damaged when placed in a highly pressurized zone. If you want to download all of Oupiin's series 2386 connector information, consider clicking this link.

1.27mm 23Gbps High-Speed BTB Connector

Our series 2322 is just as beneficial as the two previously mentioned electronic connectors but it has its own perks in comparison. For instance, having a 1.27mm pitch allows maximum grounding and routing flexibility. Additionally, this high-speed BTB connector's vertical orientation ensures its press-fit style is advantageous for any situation. Not only does it work with all of the previously mentioned applications, but it can also help baseband, communication systems, networking radio units, high-end computing systems, and server storage systems function. 
You will be able to sleep soundly at night knowing your product is helping people communicate with family and friends across the planet, as well as handle large volumes of data with ease. Don't waste any more of your time jumping through various hoops and links, and start working with one of the leaders in the electronic connector market. Oupiin guarantees satisfaction and a comfortable purchasing process. You can even download this specific connector's specifications so you don’t have to scour the internet looking for similar information.

Request a High-Speed BTB Connector Sample Kit From Oupiin Enterprise!

There is no reason you should settle for outdated and inadequate electronic connectors anymore. Oupiin Enterprise is the best when it comes to strong and durable parts for everyone. We even provide people with sample kits so they can see what they will be using before buying large orders. Contact us through email or phone (1-661-294-0228) if you have any questions or want to utilize any of our specials today!